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Matzo Ball Moon
Illustrated by Elaine Greenstein
Published by Clarion Books 1998

It's a very special day--the first day of Passover! As surely as the leaves fall from the trees every autumn and the flowers bloom every spring, Bubbe will come and make her special matzo ball soup. The soup is so good, everyone sneaks into the kitchen to steal a taste and when suppertime comes, there aren't enough matzo balls left for Bubbe. Where does Eleanor find a very special matzo ball for Bubbe? You'll have to read Matzo Ball Moon to find out!


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Ages 5 to 9

Why I wrote this book
Passover is my favorite holiday. When I was a child, my grandmother, Ruth Levin, would come to our house and cook all day to get ready for the special holiday meal. I wrote Matzo Ball Moon to pay tribute to my grandmother and her wonderful cooking.

[Photo: A bowl of delicious matzo ball soup, made from my grandmother's special recipe]


Matzo Ball Soup
Photo © Mary Vazquez


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