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Heather Has Two Mommies
Illustrated by Diana Souza
Special 20-year anniversary edition with full color illustrations published by Alyson Books 2009

Heather's favorite number is two. She has two hands, two feet, two knees and two elbows. She has two pets: a black dog named Midnight and a ginger-colored cat named Gingersnap. Heather has two mommies: Mama Jane and Mama Kate. When Heather goes to day care, she learns that families come in all shapes and sizes: Joshua has a mom, a dad and a step-dad; Miriam has a mom and a baby sister; David is adopted. Heather also learns that "the most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love each other." Who are the people in your family?
Heather Has Two Mommies was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist in 1990.

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Ages 5 and up

Why I wrote this book
When I was growing up, there were no picture books that showed a Jewish family like mine. I remember wishing that there were. So when someone asked me to write a book about a little girl with two moms for her daughter to read, I was happy to do so. I wrote Heather Has Two Mommies so kids with two moms would have a book that showed a family just like theirs.
[Picture: Here's Heather and her two mommies, Mama Jane and Mama Kate.]


Here's Heather and her two mommies, Mama Jane and Mama Kate.
Illustration © 2000 Diana Souza  


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